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Developing a Web Site from the ground up can be a daunting task. That's why Starshine Design offers you the ability to leave it all to us or be very specific about what you wish to see. Logos Color, Themes, are all elements we take seriously. Explore the example offered here to see how a planning and design session takes ideas from the imagination and implements them right up to the final look and feel. Contact us to find out how we can handle everything from getting you a Domain Name to finding the right Internet Server for you, to getting you noticed on line, and managing your Web Traffic and page changes.


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Rough Sketch


Concept Statement

What the interface will be used for
The Diabetes Information Center
, will be a Web site and CD-ROM designed to provide information about all aspects of the disease to patients, their families (often also susceptible), and care givers. Conventional patient education consists of videotape loaned to the patient, a possible dietitian referral and pamphlets, generally produced by pharmaceutical companies. Often the newly diagnoses patient will spend valuable treatment time in denial or less then enthusiastic responses to learning how to deal with this potentially debilitating disease. The idea behind this Web Site and CD-ROM is to provide a lot of information to the patient available at a time and in a manner he or she will be most receptive and feel less threatened or pressured.

While Type One Diabetes often afflicts children. It is more the parents of these children who need the first education. Type TWO is far more prevalent and is also called Adult Onset Diabetes. Additionally there is gestational or pregnancy invoked Diabetes. This product is geared towards adults 25 and up of both genders. Marketing might well go through Diabetes organizations and be underwritten by major HMO's and medical groups who would also provide CD-ROM distribution and also dissemination of the Web URL.

Interface Dimensions
The common popular size seems to be 800x 600. Both the CD-ROM and the Web page will be designed to be visible at 800x600-pixel screen size. All navigation buttons and bars should be visible at the top of each screen or within the first 600 pixel length. Main screens and primary topic screens should not exceed the 600 pixel parameter ( no scrolling should be required.) Sub menus screens can in fact use longer pages but should use anchors and targets with the target menu visible at the top of the screen and return to top buttons available each 600 pixels. Clear large type will make the data easy to identify and navigate even for older viewers with limited vision. (Remember Diabetes in later stages does affect vision)

Navigation System
The Web site will have a simple and familiar design. The Core home page will have a short welcome note along with a "wire rack of "pamphlets" that are all prefaced as "All About…" the pamphlets are nested in or stacked behind each other in two columns. Mousing over any particular pamphlet allows it to slide up to reveal more of the "pamphlet" one sentence or choice words to help the viewer understand more about what each "pamphlet" or section will reveal when "opened" or clicked. The sliding motion is a Java script mouseover functioning much the way many familiar drop down menus work, only upside down. Each pamphlet has an icon visible at all times to help the viewer associate the pictures to the content.
Beyond the main page, the "pamphlet" is used as the Masthead at the top of each page with a sub head identifying the specific title. To ease navigation a simple table incorporated in both the header and footer will use words as clickable links. Main Pamphlet Topic Buttons will use the color code and can include a mouseover change if needed to indicate it is clickable. All other links including anchor targets,cross site links and off site links, should use standard browser colors for new and visited links for ease of navigation. The top of each Page should have the words Diabetes Information Center. The bottom of each page should have an address footer with the current location, and a mail link. In the case of the web pages a last updated notation should be included.

CD Rom vrs Web Configurations
The CD ROM will open with a Flash animation and some high energy music as medical terms and symbols swirl around. The video fades the music fades and the pamphlets page comes into view as new soft relaxing music fades up. Audio track.. Announce says" Diagnosis Diabetes.. It can be confusing even frightening. Relax. The easy to use pamphlets here at the Diabetes Information Center will help you make sense out of it all and help you form a winning partnership with your family, and health care providers." The CD ROM will utilize QuickTime for audio and video elements. Audio and video elements will not be included in the web site. Audio Elements will consist of different "relaxing" sounds for each color coded section. Seashore, babbling brooks, rainstorm( no thunder effects please), summer night crickets, rail travel and distant train whistles might work well for the search engine. The idea is to relax the viewer, and that ties into the notion of stress reduction as a tool for managing Diabetes. The home page of the CD-ROM could explain the purpose of the sounds and relaxing. Audio elements would be backgrounded and linked to play through during all visits through each color coded section. a "soothing effects" on off switch could be provided at the opening page and on each main"pamphlet" page. Audio/video and Flash elements are reflected on the CD-ROM flowchart.
CD-ROM Video Elements would include a short clickable movie at the bottom of each main pamphlet page. A Pharmacist, a Dietitian, A Fitness Trainer, A News Anchor would each deliver a short explanation of the topic and why it has importance to better Diabetes health planning. A Doctor could be the featured person in the Diabetes, and Success sections. Searching could feature a Sherlock Holmes characterization. A QuickTime viewer would also be included on the CD-ROM for both windows and Mac platforms to download.
The CD-ROM would also deliver Search links and News Links directly to the web site versions related pages. For computers with Internet access.
the Web Version of the Diabetes Information Center, would have regularly updated news links and new search options related to other sites and information resources as they are developed. The two products should take all opportunities to cross promote each other.

The Font for titles and Navigation Bars will be Arial. The type may be modified in size leading and tracking to "fill" the button or pamphlet graphics. An embossed Arial will be used for free standing titles and subtitles. Impact style buttons are to be used for the buttons in the header footer navigation tables, color coded to the included specifications. Times is the default text but should be up a size or two for easy reading.

The Color Code

Each "Pamphlet" represents a primary zone of information, and each zone has an associated color. This "color code" should be reflected on each subsequent page within the primary zone. For example brown is the color for Medicine. All pages that contain data, graphics animations etc. related to medicine, supplements herbs and the like, will use brown borders headings etc. A pastel color of the same primary tone may be used in the background.

Topic Color RGB Value Hex Value
Home Magenta 142,0,142 #8E,00,8E
Diabetes Maroon 153,0,0 #99,00,00
Searching Blue 6,0,159 #00,00,99
Diabetes News Green 0,153,51 #00,99,33
Medications Brown 126,81,40 #7E,51,28
Exercise Aqua 51,204, 204 #33,CC,CC
Success Black 0,0,0 #00,00,00
Food Orange 246,155,12 #F6,9B,0C

The Main Mock Up
Jays comp

A Sample Page
Jays comp

Web Flow Chart


CD-ROM Flow Chart


The Process

It starts with an idea in the minds eye then a rough sketch, then planning the site. Using the diagrams, color codes and flowcharts you can have an input to the design or changes to your site with a minimum of time and effort on your own part. Or you can just toss out your basic needs and we can run with the ball from there. Look at the Even after your web site is designed and implemented We'll be glad to make adjustments to it. Starshine Design uses State of the Art technology including Macintosh G-4 computers Photoshop, ImageReady, Fireworks Dreamweaver and meticulous hand coding to bring your pages to life. Pages are also previewed and adjusted for a variety of browsers and Windows PC displays before final publishing. If you need a place to host your Web site We work with some of the top names in Internet serving to get you hooked up with reliable fast efficient service.

Choose Starshine Design. You'll be glad you did.