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October 1996

To whom it may concern;

I have known Jay Garcia for well over a decade, working closely with him on many occasions as part of our Eyewitness News Team as well as some voluntary community service and freelance projects. To my mind, Jay is one of the finest, most dependable and thoughtful professionals when it comes to delivering the final product.

I have always found him willing and able to go the extra step to add a dimension to video projects that enhances the viewer's understanding and amplifies the emotional impact. A specific video entitled Above The Finest comes to mind as one outstanding example. Jay and I jointly created this presentation for the inaugural convention of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. The final 12 minute documentary stilled 400 war veterans in the audience and left not one dry eye. To this day some nine years later, the pilots still talk about that video. It was Jay's touch that made the difference.

Jay has graciously donated time and talents over the years at my request, judging Houston International Film festival entrants, as well as producing a video for the Leadership Houston Project.

In the daily grind of television news, we have often worked together on tight deadline and he has never failed to deliver a quality piece that always made it's allotted time slot in the newscast. In doing so, he has always managed to calm the nerves of this frequently jittery and high strung reporter.

Jay is a friend and I would think him to be a creative asset to any organization requiring a thoughtful approach to the production of video or film.


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